Tent City Varanasi

Tent City Varanasi: Plan Conferences Amid Spiritual Luxury

Doing business at the spiritual capital of India is a sort of an incredible contrast. It is nearly impossible to put the two side by side as both the words are seemingly incompatible. Although business and spiritualism are poles apart, people involved in commercial activities are, after all, humans. They need some peace of mind, some relaxation, a few moments of respite, a little pampering on their stressed out nerves, a quick stroll on the river bank to kick up their heels. Such experiences rejuvenate and re-energize them to face the vagaries of an extremely unpredictable and competitive world.

It's a fact universally accepted that to beat the heat, people must use ice. So if your business gives you heat, Tent City Varanasi works like an ice cube. Given the fact that the entire property is air conditioned, the resort is aptly compared with an ice cube. Let me explain how. Tent City Varanasi provides a perfect location for the public and private sector to organize their meetings, conferences, exhibitions, pleasure trips for their human resources, get-togethers, training workshops, and other events. With its top-notch conference facilities and capacity to accommodate 800+ delegates, the luxury resort can be a pleasant playground to conduct multiple activities for employees of public and private enterprises.

What makes this resort friendly to the C-suite of giant corporations and top brass of the bureaucracy? Well, it is the only luxurious tented resort, which is beautifully located on the banks of holy river Ganga. Panoramic river views, bewitching ghats, temples, historic palaces, palatable food and opportunities to indulge in adventures create the finest recipe for executive class to spend a few days. The idea of doing business during the day and enriching one's spiritual quotient in the evening is so thrilling that people would certainly like to plan their long weekend here to strike a perfect balance in life.

Apart from its aesthetic grandeur, the resort boasts superb spa facilities for guests. After a day-long, nerve-exhausting conference or meeting in the hall, people can relax at the spa center, where they receive the best treatment from our experienced team.

From a giant corporation to any mid-level firm, Tent City Varanasi offers something special for everyone. Incentive trips to your employees and their family members can boost the performance of your workforce. River-facing villas with plunge pools and private beaches provide picturesque views. Your staff can enjoy all the modern amenities and generous hospitality rendered by the resort, which is the best integration of aesthetics and comfort.

The resort is spread across approximately 25 acres of land; this vastness of area allows the resort to welcome heavy footfall for exhibitions or any other large event.

Tent City Varanasi has already started to receive inquiries for destination weddings. Its scenic beauty and proximity to Jyotirling Kashi Vishwanath make it a popular destination for couples to solemnize their weddings.

The air that flows from the vast expanse of Ganga boasts healing properties. The surroundings at the resort are so soothing that one can breathe in the holiness and splendor of Ganga, and get absorbed by the city’s rich spiritual and cultural heritage. For any player involved in capacity building and public administration, the process of decision making becomes much better and easier under the relaxing settings. The brainstorming sessions can be so exciting that your employees will easily forget to glance at their wristwatches. Thankfully, we have hung calendars in the conference hall.

All in all, Tent City Varanasi ensures you follow your schedule and take care of your overall enhancement – physical, mental, and spiritual. Your transformation from a professional during the day to a seeker of spirituality in the evening takes place effortlessly. Thanks to the arrangement of Ganga aarti exclusively for the guests. Praveg prides itself on its successful implementation and management of two resorts: Tent City Narmada and White Rann Resort. Backed by a strong leadership, Praveg’s Tent City Varanasi can make all your conferences, meetings, events and exhibitions memorable and successful by taking care of every need of yours. It’s an experience of a lifetime and one can feel it only when one visits this uber-class resort.


Tent City Varanasi, Opp Assi Ghat (Cross River) Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221001