Tent City Varanasi

Ganga Darshan Villas: Epitome of Spiritual Luxury in Varanasi

A visit to Varanasi is a panacea for all your spiritual maladies. The city, once known as Kashi, an ancient moniker, has countless time-honoured phenomena to heal wounded souls. Tourists from across the world come here to re-energise and rejuvenate their existence mired by turbulence thrown by the physical world. Among the many places that ensure peace of mind, ghats of river Ganga are the most preferred locations of tourists. For obvious reasons, Ganga ghats are flocked by thousands of visitors in search of mental repose. However, the opposite happens. Given its religious, mythological and spiritual significance, the city attracts people in great numbers, making this place a crowded cluster of chaos.

A simple solution to this is Tent City Varanasi. A tented resort nestled in the lap of holy river Ganga pampers and placates your strained, restless nerves in every possible way. Crafted with care and intelligent eyes to details, this resort is your undisturbed abode, far from the maddening crowds. Designed and developed by Praveg Limited, the resort is beautifully located near Ganga.

Inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Tent City Varanasi boasts Ganga Darshan Villas - river-facing tents furnished with excellent facilities and amenities. The villas offer private beach, plunge pool, rajwadi sofa set, study table with lamp, mini fridge, safety locker, recliners and more. In a nutshell, each villa is your private retreat to be with yourself, keeping the external world at arm’s length.

You can spend a few days as a hermit, discarding all your worldly worries. What most guests admire about villas is a private beach. Since Indians have deep reverence for the holy river Ganga, they tend to take baths during some auspicious times of the day. This private beach gives quick and easy access to the river. For elders and kids, Tent City Varanasi offers a floating pool (Kund), which ensures the safety of apprehensive swimmers.

Although water bodies attract kids, they are repulsive to religious causes attached to Ganga Snan. The reason is simple: they are little aware of the religious significance associated with ceremonial baths. For them, this villa has a plunge pool to make splashes, literally. A small swimming pool close to the patio can be a great entertainment for your young ones. Moreover, you can keep your eyes on your angels while you are on the river bank.

Couples can spend their quality time under the gazebo. Some sweet nothings near your private beach can kindle romance with your partner.

Ganga Aarti is a phenomenal event taking place at several ghats of Ganga. However, only a lucky few can witness this glorious ceremony from close quarters. At Tent City Varanasi, guests of Ganga Darshan Villas and other tents can participate in Ganga Aarti organised by the resort authority.

In all, a Ganga Darshan villa is your ticket to a fantasy world, where everything is in perfect balance. The line between the physical and spiritual world gets blurred - what is physical looks spiritual and the spiritual finds its manifestation in everything tangible. This is the place where you can find the right ingredients to make your life a palatable dish to relish for eternity.


Tent City Varanasi, Opp Assi Ghat (Cross River) Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221001